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Re: Gradekeeper Question


Date: Wed Nov 01 2000 - 21:37:45 PST

Dear Mark,

As far as my limited experience with Gradekeeper is concerned, I think it is
not a "thinking" program. all you can do is plug in the grades, I don't
believe it can figure 5 points per day; I think you have to deduct them
yourself and type in your own result.

Same thing with the grades N, U, and I. I don't know what I stands for but
if N means "needs improvement", I'd make anything below a C fit that
category, and U (unsatisfactory?) would be D- or F.(65 and below?)

If you click on HELP in the Gradekeeper program, then click on Contents,
there's a category called Contacting me. Maybe you could ask there....

As easy as the program is, its not perfect! Good luck with grades, I have
to do them this week too..

Holly :0)

n a message dated 11/1/00 8:27:24 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> 1) The sketchbooks were due Monday, and it is clearly spelled out that the
> students will lose 5 points for every school day the sketchbook is late. I
> am having a hard time figuring out how to program the grade sheets to
> reflect these negative points. Any Suggestions?
> 2) The primary grades get grades like S, U, I, but I am having a hard time
> getting the program to accept these grades. It seems to only accept A, B,
> C, D, F or 1-100 formatted grades. I obviously don't need to find averages
> for these students, which is what the program is designed for, but does
> anyone have any suggestions for how I can simply record and report this
> kind of grade?
> I'm already grateful for your quick responses. Thanks!
> Mark