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Here's one thought you would want to know about. Marseille

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>Here's another bit about the Email Legislation...
>>>>> >>Dear Internet Subscriber:
>>>>> >>
>>>>> >>Please read the following carefully if you intend to
>>>>> >>stay online and continue using email: The last few
>>>>> >>months have revealed an alarming trend in the
>>>>> >>Government of the United States attempting to quietly
>>>>> >>push through legislation that will affect your use of
>>>>> >>the Internet. Under proposed legislation the U.S.
>>>>> >>Postal Service will be attempting to bilk email users
>>>>> >>out of "alternate postage fees". Bill 602P will permit
>>>>> >>the Federal Govt to charge a 5 cent surcharge on
>>>>> >>every email delivered, by billing Internet Service
>>>>> >>Providers at source. The consumer would then be
>>>>> >>billed in turn by the ISP. Washington D.C. lawyer
>>>>> >>Richard Stepp is
>>>>> >>working without pay to prevent this legislation from
>>>>> >>becoming law. The U.S. Postal Service is claiming that
>>>>> >>lost revenue due to the proliferation of email is
>>>>> >>costing nearly $230,000,000 in revenue per year. You
>>>>> >>may have noticed their recent ad campaign "There is
>>>>> >>nothing like a letter". Since the average citizen
>>>>> >>received about 10 pieces of email per day in 1998, the
>>>>> >>cost to the typical individual would be an additional
>>>>> >>50 cents per day, or over $180 dollars per year, above
>>>>> >>and beyond their regular Internet costs. Note that
>>>>> >>this would be money paid directly to the U.S. Postal
>>>>> >>Service for a service they do not even provide. The
>>>>> >>whole point of the Internet is democracy and
>>>>> >>non-interference. If the federal government is
>>>>> >>permitted to tamper with our
>>>>> >>liberties by adding a surcharge to email, who knows
>>>>> >>where it will end. You are already paying an
>>>>> >>exorbitant price for snail mail because of bureacratic
>>>>> >>efficiency. It currently takes up to 6 days for a
>>>>> >>letter to be
>>>>> >>delivered from New York to Buffalo. If the U.S. Postal
>>>>> >>Service is allowed to tinker with email, it will mark
>>>>> >>the end of the "free" Internet in the United States.
>>>>> >>One congressman, Tony Schnell (r) has even suggested a
>>>>> >>"twenty to forty dollar per month surcharge on all
>>>>> >>Internet service" above and beyond the government's
>>>>> >>proposed email charges. Note that most of the major
>>>>> >>newspapers have ignored the story, the only exception
>>>>> >>being the Washingtonian which called the idea of email
>>>>> >>surcharge "a useful concept who's time has come"
>>>>> >>March 6th 1999 Editorial) Don't sit by and watch your
>>>>> >>freedoms erode away!
>>>>> >>
>>>>> >>Send this email to all Americans on your list and tell
>>>>> >>your friends and relatives to write to their
>>>>> >>congressman and say "No!" to Bill 602P.
>>>>> >>Kate Turner
>>>>> >>Assistant to Richard Stepp, Berger, Stepp and Gorman
>>>>> >>Attorneys at Law 216 Concorde Street, Vienna, Va.