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Re: email charge response

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Sun, 30 May 1999 18:57:24 EDT

In a message dated 99-05-30 13:29:31 EDT, rboville writes:

<< Bill 602P will permit
>>>>> >>the Federal Govt to charge a 5 cent surcharge on
>>>>> >>every email delivered, by billing Internet Service
>>>>> >>Providers at source. >>

Dear Kate:
I wrote to my congressman against this as a teacher, what I received from him
was a response on the defensive, why a charge must take place. I was very
dissatisfied with his response. I don't recall now in what manner a charge to
the consumer would be enacted. I thought he was referring to a charge per
minute while online or a charge each time I went online. (in addition to the
local call charge we now pay, which is inconsequential)

Does this mean I would be charged for each email coming through artsednet to
my mailbox? This would be ludicrous. Or would I be charged to send email to
each member of artsednet? This, too, would be ludicrous.