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Ross, glue & water, flour & water, Vano Starch...

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Bunki Kramer (
Fri, 28 May 1999 19:31:45 -0700 (PDT)

>Bunki.......(etc)...I usually use white
>glue and water but was thinking of changing to Ross. I hope we get some more
>feedback on this. >Reatha

HI...I got alot of feedback and most of it was that they were using Ross
BUT they were having to use multiple layers to get it hard enough.
Well...I'm scratching my head wonderin' why do THAT when one layer of flour
& water OR one layer of Vano Starch can do the same thing for less time and
less money in the long run. That means they are probably taking 3 times the
amt. of time to do the same job I would do in one. Most of the rationale is
that it can be "kept" for a long shelf life but so can Vano Starch.

I'm doing 18" tall gesture figure sculptures with my Advanced 7-8th kids
and I tried Ross on my sample. I got sooooo frustrated because it just
wouldn't harden enough after two layers. It was REALLY flimsy...waving in
the to speak. I put a layer of Vano on it and it dried like a
concrete wall.

My SCREAMER kids make 3 ft. monsters which take each student a semester to
make. We use ONE layer of flour & water on these big things and those
suckers are like giant rocks. We use about 700 lbs. of flour for 34 kids so
you see how much of it we use. can't save it cause it gets stinky
quickly but the kids are trained to mix up their own supply of "glue"
everyday which is no problem. They just mix their own as 1 cup of flour to
2 cups water.

I've used white glue and water when we've done torn white sheets for
sculpture covering too. That works well. The Ross stuff was a frustrating
disappointment and the bummer thing was I bought 8 boxes of the stuff.

Someone suggested I might have gotten a bad box so I WILL try another
one...I DO have 7 more to go. Toodles.........

Bunki Kramer - Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Rd., Danville, California 94526

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