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Betty Bowen (
Mon, 24 May 1999 15:28:01 -0500

Did any of you watch the senate hearings yesterday with students from
schools that have had shootings? It was amazing. Those old boys weren't the
least bit interested in anything those kids had to say. They each had their
individual (and SO obvious) ax to grind and wanted to find a student who
would back them up. That's all there was to it. They were so in love with
their own voices that by the time they got to a question (that may or may
not have related to their droning ), they felt compelled to ask it over and
over and over, before pausing for an answer.

One senator expressed sympathy for one of the boy's brothers, making a
lengthy point of saying he was a Christian and since the boy is a Christian
then it must make such a difference for him to have the comfort of knowing
"Where He IS!".
Boy: "my brother isn't dead"... Senator: "oh, you mean he isn't dead?" Boy:
"no, my brother wasn't killed, he was injured"...
My father, in his hospital bed with a tracheotomy, and unable to speak, was
shaking with laughter. He wrote me a note that said "yeah, sure I know where
he is, he's at home". They asked completely inane things like, "don't you
think having the ten commandments on the wall would make a difference?" The
boy from Columbine kept answering "it's about acceptance". They completely
ignored that answer. It didn't fit their plans (there must not have been a
high-dollar "acceptance" PAC waiting out in the lobby). The young man
finally stopped answering altogether. It was pathetic, really pathetic.