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Re: Ways to display student art.

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lindacharlie (lindacharlie)
Sun, 23 May 1999 22:18:39 -0500

a few more ideas:
1) if you happen to have those kind of drop ceilings with tiles and the
metal grid, you can fold over one end of the long roll paper strip and
tape to form a channel for a yard/meter stick to slide through.
reinforce the back of this with tape and hook bent paper clips under the
yard stick, then hook them onto the ceiling grid. if you are careful
about removing the art work from these sheets, they can be rolled up and
saved for next time.
2) recruit some pta parents to help hang things, train them on how
to's, and thank them profusely for even a little bit of work. be SURE to
send them nice, handwritten thank you notes after the show. this will
guarantee they will come back again and again. a friend of mine has
cultivated a faithful group of 50! volunteer parents who come each year
to help hang the show. they spend a week putting it up -it has turned
into a social event for them - and the elaborate show gets raves from
3) did you ever notice how pictures tend to roll down the wall after a
few days? that's because the tape circles are put on perpendicular to
the floor enabling them to roll with gravity like treads on little
tanks. if you put them on with the circle parallel to the floor they
can't roll down. i always ask new helpers if they've ever seen pictures
rolling sideways along the wall and it seems to help them get the
picture. (they still fall OFF eventually, but they NEVER roll down!)
marvin's little tape footballs would probably prevent this too.
4) i put 3D stuff out on tables in the hallways after school on the day
of the show and tell the kids ahead of time that they can take their
things home as soon as the clock strikes 8:00pm. they are usually very
happy to do this. i also put small signs on the table suggesting that
parents take the projects in case they aren't sure their kids are
telling it straight. i do this because i know some of the pieces are
irresistable to the curious and fear the things will be handled and
broken if left out when school is in session.
it seems a shame to put up all that work for just one day so i leave the
2D stuff up as long as it will stay, then have the classes take down
their own work.
linda in michigan
ps. jeanalice, i tried to make it to your show but things got too crazy.
hope it went well and you weren't too pooped to enjoy it!