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Re: Professional Newsies

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Sun, 23 May 1999 20:57:57 EDT

Judy and Sandra--
You really hit the mark with this subject! Everything is National Inquirer
type reporting today. It's the "Dumbing-down" of the American people.
There has to be a big scandal all of the time. Half the time, our news
media here in Chicago can't pronounce the names of the streets or people,
etc., correctly. I catch spelling errors all of the time. We also have
"Happy Talk" news, which is really ingratiating. One night one of the
newscasters (maybe her mind was on something else) started giggling about a
rape of a young woman. She had to apologize to the audience at closing. The
worse thing I heard this week, however, was a piece about an upcoming feature
of home movies of one of the young killers in Littleton, Colo. I think it's
on one of those junk shows like Hard Copy. Bad Taste? Who cares? It sells.
BT (Jill)
PS. I know there are people on this listserve that just like to discuss art,
ed only, and I respect that. Occasionally, I also like to talk about other
subjects as the situation arises. Some resent that, some don't. I don't do
it all the time, but this subject interests me.