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Sun, 23 May 1999 09:35:05 EDT

I think Judy has made a good point. If anyone can come up with a way to
interest local news media in what we are doing in the schools other than our
troubles, I think it would be wonderful. It seems like once in a blue moon
someone will work with the local paper or one of the TV stations who is
genuinely interested in reporting the good things as well as the bad. But it
doesn't happen very often. The excuse in our area is that there are
approximately 50 schools and they can't cover all of them all of the time.
WELL, they could come when we call them about something couldn't they? And
still not everything, but something. I'm not the one to come up with the
idea, obviously, I can't even get our school TV news program to cover things
that we are doing and they tape in my studio building. They have to come
through our classroom to get to their studio! I just get a camcorder and tape
stuff that we are doing for our archives. I'm not sure that I would want them
to cover us anyway. Everything they do ends up being a joke or funny in some
way. That class is all about having fun. Even the kids have gotten to where
they don't want to watch it. HMMMMMMMMMM Maybe that's what wrong with the
local pros. They just want to chase ambulances. Maybe they haven't grown up.
Maybe that is what separates the locals from Jane Pauley, Tom Brokaw, Barbara