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Re: Ways to display student art.

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Linda Kelty (lckelty)
Fri, 22 May 2099 19:23:13 -0400

Dear Jeanalice, I struggled with this for years. Masking tape was
never strong enough and cockroaches loved it when it fell off the wall.
Other tapes left adhesive to collect dirt. In one building the previous art
teacher took linoleum, cut it into strips and used construction glue to
adhere it to the walls. It worked ok, but looked terrible when empty. I
talked my principals into getting map rails to hang in the halls because at
least they looked neat when empty and would hold large sheets when I needed
to hang huge numbers or group projects. The principals matched the funding
I could "afford" to part with. Later, when I moved to other schools that
was no longer an option. I started collecting poster putty, or poster tack.
The brands are compatable so I just grabbed it whenever I saw it on sale
some where. It evolved into a large, yellow green ball that I took with me
to the middle school and I still use it there. I have student volunteers
who help hang things and they enjoy warming the putty for use by stretching
and pulling it. I just have them put a small amount in the corners and push
it against the wall. If it sticks to the wall or the paper, just use a
warmed piece and rub it over the residue to remove. It sticks in the open
pores of the concrete blocks and is tougher to remove, but will come off. I
don't use it on flat finishes because it will leave an oily spot, but it
works great on semi-gloss or gloss surfaces. If it leaves a residue I
sometimes give in and use an adhesive remover followed by a spray cleaner.
Not often though...seldom need to. I hang large art prints, student work,
newspaper articles about our students or artists, contest notices, etc. with
the stuff and rarely have a problem with it falling off if it is pre-warmed
before use. The only time I have had a problem is if the kids get in a
hurry and don't stretch it first. It seems expensive to pay .99 to 1.29 for
a couple of ounces of the stuff, but I have had it forever, at least 8
years, it's totally reusable. It holds those huge art prints up in the room
all year long with only rare problems on the outside walls during Iowa's
coldest winter days. Simple solution that doesn't wreck the kids work the
way masking tape can. Gentle removal works best. Linda K. in Iowa
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From: Jeanalice2 <Jeanalice2>
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Date: Saturday, May 22, 1999 1:06 PM
Subject: Ways to display student art.

>OK art netters I need to pick your brains. I just held my first student
>show. Lots of work to hang paper strips (36 in wide roll paper) over the
>lockers and then attach art work to the paper with tape circles. All this
>for one night!!!
> Can we start a discussion on various ways to hang, display student
>work for an art show. And how do you you sponsored student art shows------
>for one day, night, week etc.? and where in your building? and how?
> I had an idea to use fabric pieces to put the work on but what
>substance would hold the pictures to the fabric? The idea to purchase
>display boards was turned down for the same old reason---no $$$$.
> This group always has the best ideas. I have learned so much this
>Thanks to all.....Jean in Michgan