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Re: el. grade art award

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Linda Kelty (lckelty)
Wed, 20 May 2099 06:44:07 -0400

With the current trend of reading and writing across the curriculum everyone
will likely be "strongly encouraged" to use writing. We are teaching the
whole child and linking knowledge instead of isolating it helps to develop
their assimilation of knowledge. For those who write well and struggle with
art, this gives them an opportunity to display their strength in relation to
art. We will always need verbal expression by artists, appreciators,
critics, etc.. Asking kids to write a minimal amount shouldn't be viewed
as a distraction because sometimes verbalizing our thoughts helps to clarify
them which should also become apparent in our art work. If a child has
difficulty with reading, writing or verbalizing then an experience like this
can be adapted for them by letting them dictate their answers, work with a
partner, etc.. If we are to validate our content area as an
intellectual/academic area we need to be aware of how all students learn. I
have been incorporating more writing into my classes, but the efforts are
brief and task focused. It needn't require giving up more than 5 to 10
minutes per 5 class sessions for it to be effective. Linda K. in Iowa
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From: Ellyn Wenk <ellyn>
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Date: Tuesday, May 18, 1999 9:42 PM
Subject: Re: el. grade art award

>Shouldn't art be one place that they don't have to write? Art is
>a nonverbal means of communication. I know writing is important
>but you will lose the few who have not mastered this skill and
>instead may be able to communicate without words, and also in the
>process reduce art to being just another extension for the four
>CORE subjects.
>> I decided
>> to ask those students who are interested to complete the same
>> evaluation
>> form I plan to fill-out.... to choose the student who will
>> receive the
>> award... Do you think letting them choose to complete a form is
>> a good idea?
>> Below is the info. that will be on their self evaluation
>> form... what do you
>> think I should add or delete???
>> During this school year how did you do in the following areas:
>> (Write a few sentences and give yourself a grade at the end of
>> each of the
>> catagories)
>> Project/following directions:
>> 1) use of elements of design (line, shape color, value,
>> space, form,
>> texture) & use of principals of design (rhythm, balance,
>> proportion,
>> emphasis, variety,
>> harmony, unity).
>> 2) use of creativity and originality (exploring choices,
>> generating &
>> combining ideas, connections to previous learning or
>> knowledge, use of
>> problem solving skills.
>> 3) use of skills/techniques (neatly):
>> (areas include: drawing, lettering, sculpting, print-making,
>> collage,
>> papier- mache, painting, textiles, etc.)
>> Behavior/Effort
>> 1) wisely using time /staying on task:
>> 2) respect towards supplies and art room:
>> 3) respect of own and others artwork:
>> 4) participation during classroom discussions:
>> 5) respect of learning environment (sound level, content of
>> discussion,
>> encouraging atmosphere, cooperative):
>> Answer to the following questions too:
>> Why do you think you should receive the award?
>> What are some other art activities outside the classroom are
>> you involved in
>> or have been involved in?
>> How do you plan to use your art skills or talents in the
>> future?
>> The above formate is what I use as an evaluation tool to grade
>> each of their
>> projects too... what do you think?
>> Thanks again! Janine