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perceptions of the art teacher

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Barry Teghtmeyer (
Wed, 19 May 1999 12:50:21 -0500

I agree that for the longest time the visual arts specialist within a school building has been looked upon as "planning time" or babysitting. However, I feel that this perception will change somewhat if we change our own attitudes about our position.

With the latest brain research and the importance of making connections, we need to be willing to step outside our own classroom and become a better resource for the classroom teacher. Yes, we not only teach art, we teach history , math, social studies, language arts etc... We are the biggest public relations officer for our program...Find out what the classroom teachers are doing and make connections within our own curriculum so that the students see the connections as well. Integration is the key...not all the time..but just enough so that others see the importance of what we do.
There are many students out there that are visual/spacial according to Howard Gardner's multiple intelligence. We (classroom teachers included) should be teaching all subjects so that it meets their needs. Don't be afraid to have the students write in class. When doing 3-d projects, discuss form and how that is a math concept...When creating designs discuss symmetry and congruence. etc.. Tell your teachers that you are willing to help out with any unit either in your classroom or as a resource within theirs. This can be done very successfully and still teach art objectives and goals. Don't isolate yourself....It makes all the difference in the world in how others see you. I realize that there will still be those that are set in their ways concerning art...but teaching cutsy projects all the time with no connections doesn't help learning to take place. I am an art educator with 16 years experience.. I've seen a transformation take place when I take the initiative...I'm off my soap box now...Good luck!