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Re: Summer Art Retreat

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Wed, 19 May 1999 00:22:15 EDT

This is very long and about a summer art experience in New Jersey. Please
delete if not interested.

Some of us here in NJ who got acquainted through our state art association
and attendance at an institute last summer, have talked about what the
"dream" summer re-creative experience would be. It should be at a beautiful
location; not cost too much, and should bring out the best in us as both
artists and teachers.

Well, we have the very relaxing and gorgeous locale here with the Monmouth
County Park. Some of the parks are in the sands of the Atlantic Ocean with
cool ocean breezes; some at mountain locations just off the Garden State
Parkway, where you walk through a beautifully maintained horticultural center
with orchid greenhouses, hummingbird and butterfly gardens, coi fish ponds
and stone pools beneath huge pine canopies to can see for three miles; by
lakes, colleges and university campuses, with state-of-the art facilities.
Each location has indoor facilities so weather issues are not critical. This
park system was to first to gain national accreditation in the country and is
only one of about fourteen so accredited.

We also have a week, July 26-30, when we could use these facilities for about
$30.00 a day per person. If there is small group who want to retreat and
recreate, we would put together a program for one day or more as needed and
take care of the details involved in your participation. This could be set
up as a time to swap your best with the best. For example, if you had a
fondness for a lesson you do about horses--because you love drawing/painting
horses, you could present it with us as your students. If a participant was
able to share in this way, a letter could be sent to the person's
administration/board, stating that you would be a presenter at this
professional development experience. You would get a certificate of
participation and a proof of attendance" so you could apply for reimbursement
from your board for the whole thing, but if we want that, we'll have to move
quickly. For a lot of us, there is only one more board meeting in this
school year.

You could tie this in with any trip to Washington DC or Philadelphia, which
are only a three/four hour drive, or to New York City, an hour away. Or you
could drop your mate/family off at Atlantic City and drive up here for the
day. . .

E-mail me privately if interested. The development of this experience would
be a small thank-you to all of you who have made us a better persons, better
teachers through your sharing on this list. I'll be glad to report the
progress on making this fantasy become a reality to the list if people are

In the words of the governor of the Garden State,"You've got a friend in
New Jersey!"

Sorry this got too long!