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Re: End of Year Projects

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Linda Kelty (lckelty)
Mon, 18 May 2099 21:38:32 -0400

Go into the class as the "Color Wizard". Dress up with the hat and the
wand. Take in 6 clear/transparent glasses, 3 eye dropper and primary food
Show some odd color papers and ask the kids how they would duplicate the
color if they only had red, yellow and blue to make it. Take their
directions and drop the color into the water. It hangs there long enough
with out mixing that you can mumble the incantation "Red, Yellow, Blue, what
can you do? Mix them together for a color that's true." End with a flourish
of your arms, mix the color and have the kids see if they matched it. I had
created several versions of this lesson and the kids were enraptured every
time. It's showy, totally involves them and it's a lot of fun. I usually
used it to introduce a color unit or study, but you could do it then have
them examine prints of artists works with subtle colors and if laminated,
have the kids divide up into teams and use vis-a-vis markers to write on the
lamin what colors they think were used to create the colors. Hope this
helps. Linda K. in Iowa
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From: BluesTruth <BluesTruth>
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Date: Tuesday, May 18, 1999 8:08 PM
Subject: End of Year Projects

>Would you believe my Principal wants to observe all of the teachers in our
>school NOW (this week to be exact) when the art fair, testing and the
>is over--and we only have a few weeks left!!?! I wish she observed me
>earlier in the year when I had taught the GOOD stuff! Anyway--just wanted
>know if any of you are in the same boat as I am and have a good idea for a
>project--a quickie (30 minutes) 1-3 grade--not too elaborate but
>Thanks, everyone!!
>Bluestruth (Jill)