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Re: classroom management

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Tue, 18 May 1999 16:54:11 -0500

Sal have you ever taught middle school? Are you in La La land? Sure in as
perfect world where kids aren't totin guns around , then maybe no rules. Why do
you think your state and city have rules & laws? Rules have their place.
Creativity need not be dampened by a class having a good set of classroom rules
or as I call them "expectations" so that everyone can work in an environment
that helps give them the best opportunity to succeed. It isn't all about being
in control, it means having a place where kids can count on some sense of order.


Salvador Wilcox wrote:

> Seig Heil! just joking. but on a more serious note, the more rules and the
> more restricted students feel, the less creativity they will exude. i
> wonder if we let students feel we trust them and foster a classroom of
> mutual respect, if the rules would be unspoken and unnecesary. i don't mean
> anarchy of course but that we become better teachers when we let go of our
> need to be in control, to be domineering; and to let go of our expectations
> and let the students take charge of their work.
> salvador wilcox
> in soon-to-be-unbearable-pittsburgh
> >From: Jackie Billingsley <jab1997>
> >To:
> >Subject: classroom management
> >Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 19:03:55 -0500
> >
> >Hi gang,
> >
> >I would like some feedback on what your expectations are for your
> >students when it comes to classroom management. Below are my
> >expectations, maybe i am too hard.
> >
> >1. Follow are rules lined out in school discipline management book.
> >2. Students are responsible for their own daily supplies - pen, pencil,
> >sketchbook, I dont even loan them out.
> >3. I have high expectations hoping to get above average instead of low
> >expectations and barely getting that.
> >4. I answer all questions through questions when I can, to force
> >students to find it themselves from previous knowledge, they hate that,
> >just give them the answer.
> >5. I dont provide answers to questions such as "What color should I
> >use?" I feel if I do, I have done the thinking and they are only going
> >through the motions.
> >6. Students should stay on task at all times, concentrating on work, a
> >large amount of unnecessary visiting hinders thinking about what they
> >are doing. Now discussing work that is going on is different. I
> >constantly monitor students progress, keeping them on task.
> >
> >I could go on, anyone care to add to this or take away from my approach.
> >
> >Jackie
> >
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