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Lesson Plans

Re: classroom management

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Michelle H. Harrell (mmhar)
Mon, 17 May 1999 18:30:46 PDT

Concerning classroom management, I also would like to add my "arrive to
class on time, prepared and begin bellwork." The first 5 min. is bellwork (a
reading or writing assignment usually), then D & D (Directions and
Discussion), then Studio, and lastly Clean-up and Closure. I like Harry
Wong's theories of practicing procedure beginning on the first days of
school. It really feels good when I have to be a couple of minutes late and
walk in and kids are almost finished their first task because they are used
to starting it. It puts them in the right mind set and gives them real
routine which helps to keep them on task (like you mentioned). We also get
more accomplished when time is organized this way. We don't exactly live a
military life- we vary it for critiques and other activities.

Michelle H. Harrell
North Garner Middle School
Garner, North Carolina
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>From: Jackie Billingsley <jab1997>
>Subject: classroom management
>Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 19:03:55 -0500
>Hi gang,
>I would like some feedback on what your expectations are for your
>students when it comes to classroom management. Below are my
>expectations, maybe i am too hard.
>1. Follow are rules lined out in school discipline management book.
>2. Students are responsible for their own daily supplies - pen, pencil,
>sketchbook, I dont even loan them out.
>3. I have high expectations hoping to get above average instead of low
>expectations and barely getting that.
>4. I answer all questions through questions when I can, to force
>students to find it themselves from previous knowledge, they hate that,
>just give them the answer.
>5. I dont provide answers to questions such as "What color should I
>use?" I feel if I do, I have done the thinking and they are only going
>through the motions.
>6. Students should stay on task at all times, concentrating on work, a
>large amount of unnecessary visiting hinders thinking about what they
>are doing. Now discussing work that is going on is different. I
>constantly monitor students progress, keeping them on task.
>I could go on, anyone care to add to this or take away from my approach.

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