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Bias? Inequality???----Long post

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Mon, 17 May 1999 13:46:42 EDT

In a message dated 5/17/99 9:43:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
astroboy writes:

> Any of you work in a Christian school where it appears you have to
> wonder whether the church and members really want a school on their

I work in a church related school but it is a blessing. I think the
situation is unique just for you, Sandra.

I am able to staple artwork up all down the halls and corridors and it is my
main way of displaying work. My art room which is a dream has lots of
windows but little display space, so I use the halls. Every year they repaint
the walls and I start over again.

I find, private schools, whether parochial or secular, vary. What I don't
like, is that I sometimes feel discriminated against because I chose to work
where I am. Yes, I get less benefits and as much as a $10,000 drop in salary
which is the downside.

By opening my heart, let me express another sensitive point for all our

I had gotten a persecution complex from working in a private parochial
school. Let me qualify. NOT from any of are all most gracious,

However, I DO sense it from our district teachers in public education here in
Dade-Broward County. I am a second-rate teacher. Yet,I fulfill all
the state standards for cert and curriculum just like they do.

My program is excellent and is very respected by the parents and school
board. Also, I am concurrently an exhibiting, juried, professional artist
with a 3- page resume of awards and exhibits. And... I am fiercely art
advocate! Yet there is this "snobism" I encounter at our State convention
and it is gets to me. I wish I was less sensitive about it.

This List is the first place that I have experienced a professionalism and
mutual acceptance for ALL art teachers and I heartily commend everyone. You
have become my art-buddies who I can count on when I am stuck. Although I
don't know the faces, I know the names of those of you who have helped me in
a pinch.

I sense I am viewed as an inferior teacher because I work in a private
sector, at present. Is this just me? I CAN work in the public arena if I
want to, but right now, I have a heck of a budget, small classes (17 or
less), double periods (70 min) once a week in 6-8th grades, with 10 minutes
between classes and an art room that overlooks the Patio and lake. ( We do
outdoor sketching on the patio picnic tables all year round. Beautiful
Florida view). We have no major crime issues. Most are taken care of by
suspensions and detentions, which are few. We have a very comprehensive
dicipline plan that the parents support and sign and they are generally
cooperative because we work with them to resolve conflicts. Conflict
resolution is a major thrust of what we do between the kids too. What public
system can beat that???? We are trying to teach our students responsible
social skills and citizenship which seems to have gone by the wayside in the
last decade. ( Yes, folks! I have been around a long time, ...long enough to
remember the hippie tie-dye and bell-bottoms. And guess what.. those styles
are deja-vu for me!!! the kids I teach are wearing them now!!! Aggggh.)

I am actually now LOVING what I do...because of my good school situation. I
knew too many years of frustration! In my case, less pay is OK even if it
takes more sacrifice for me, financially. I had to decide what is really
important forme as an individual. With no more kids in college and just my
hubby and I, we are able to adjust our lifestyle to fit my salary and his.
But now ...Christian school is the way to go for me!

Help me out this the general biased consensus of opinion about
educators in christian or private enviroments or is just in my local area?
Is it, perhaps, that people react to former bad experiences they had when
they went to a parochial school and they see us as perpetrators of rapped
knuckles and closed minds? If so, why am I judged by the bad actions of
others? I don't get it. It is the same as if we judged all afro-american
people by the few black criminals we read about in the local paper.

Thanks for indulging me. Whew! I feel better. Thanks.


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