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The Colliers (atla)
Mon, 17 May 1999 08:06:15 +0200

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Hi all Artsednetters,

This is not a hoax. Have communicated with Peggy herself in the past.
She is an incredibly brave lady



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From: Peggy Heer <p4337>
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To whomever can help;
I am a 56 year old female who has been diagnosed with " Malignant Fibrous
Histiocytoma" a Radiation Induced Soft Tissue Sarcoma, in January of 1998.

In December of1979 I underwent a full mastectomy, including underarm
lymph nodes as a result of breast cancer. It was suggested at that time
that I would have about five years left because of the size and seriousness
of the breast cancer. I received a full course of radiation and
chemotheropy during 1980. I am now a surviver of breast cancer for almost
20 years. ;>}}

Recent Events:
In January, 1998, I hurt my chest muscles, near the mastectomy scar tissue
and after a checkup, was diagnosed with the Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma,
a radiation Induced Sarcoma Cancer. In March 1998 I underwent major
surgery where most of my upper chest muscles and three ribs were removed.
A back muscle was removed and placed where the front
muscles were taken. A 'plate' replaced the ribs removed and a skin graft
from my leg covered the area.

In November, 1998, a new tumor of the same cancer was found above the
recent surgery. The only thing that can be done for this type of cancer is
the amputation of my whole right side..shoulder, ribs, arm, remaining
muscles, etc. and I have been told that if I go through this major surgery,
the cancer could/will still come back, so I have been advised not to do
this. Chemotheropy will not penetrate this kind of sarcoma cancer.
This cancer tends to enter the lungs and liver in time. So far I am clear
of any tumors in these areas but the tumor is growing rapidly, is open and
now breaking down the skin on my chest.

What I Have Been Doing:
I have been taking, for the past 18 months, an assortment of perscribed
chinese herbs, accupuncture treatments as well as other alternative
medicines to build up my immune system and keep the unaffected organs clear
for as long as possible. I am watching my diet, walking, trying to learn
how to meditate, drinking 3 litres of water daily, do deep breathing
excercies ( Qi Gong), but feel as if I am not doing enough....
I am interested in finding out if there are other herbs, medicines or
proceedures that can be taken or done. I know that folks with some cancers
have prolonged their lives through alternative medicines and some have even
beaten the disease. I am an optomist but I need some serious medical
advice. The Cross Cancer Clinic, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is the clinic
I attend.

I thank all those (qualified) who have any information or help to offer.
Please respond to Peggy Heer at: p4337

Warning for those that have undergone radiation treatments in the
past....when I was diagnosed, there were only 8 woman in the world who had
been diagnosed with this kind of rare cancer. None are alive today. This
is only the tip of the iceburg. If you have had any radiation treatments
in the past, anywhere in the body, please have your Drs. check for this
rare form of cancer via a CT scan or a MRI on a regular bases. It is a
quiet, a deadly and a sneaky disease and VERY little is known about it.

PSS...Please forward this message to any or all lists ...Thank you.

Peggy Heer / Heer Pottery E-Mail p4337
52120 Range Road 223
Sherwood Park, AB. Canada T8C 1A7
Phone (403) 922-6270