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Lesson Plans

Re: interviews

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Betty Bowen (
Mon, 17 May 1999 11:32:03 -0500

>I think some of the most important things in a potential new hires
>portfolio are the quality of their lesson plans
>and pictures or videos showing them interacting with

This would completely eliminate me. I have no education degree and no
student teaching. I haven't had a course where we all made "job hunt"
portfolios. My artwork is generally too large to lug into an interview, but
I include an exhibition and collection list I have yet to observe an
interviewer even glance at. I have yet to encounter an interviewer who has
even read my resume past the line that says I have a license.

I agree that not all artists make good teachers, but not all art ed
graduates do either. I think I'm going to make a pretty fine teacher and it
would be unfortunate to eliminate me so quickly from a list of potential

As an interviewee, I hope you'll remember that I'm interviewing you as well.
I have another job. I'm not willing to teach just anywhere for just any
administration. I want to know WHY you want an art program, I want to know
how committed you are to its success, how much you support it, how decent a
space you are willing to provide. I want to know about parental
participation. I want to walk around the school with you and see how the
students react to your presence. I want to see if you know any of their
names. I want to see the current art room and meet the current teacher and
know why they are leaving. I want to know if you can articulate your hopes
for the future of the school and art program, or if you've even thought
about it.

Anybody, especially in an education course, can put together a portfolio of
other people's lesson plans and mission statements and philosophies and
pre-planned disciplinary responses. What good does it do for me to show a
portfolio of printmaking and ceramics plans to a principal who has never
seen a press in a school with no kiln? Talk with me. See if I can articulate
my ideas. If you want someone who isn't just a body through the door, look
at my resume for community involvement - like camp counselor, disaster
relief, non-profit boards..stuff that involves kids but not a paycheck.

good luck in your search
Betty in Oklahoma