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RE: importance of art education --- 7 Intelligences/Holistic

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Rich Stephen J Contr ACC/CEVP (
Fri, 14 May 1999 09:12:38 -0400

Instead of viewing academic education in the tradional
logical/mathmatical approach, perhaps you could site
Gardner's 7 multiple intelligences. Art is definately
neccessary for a complete education in that case, and
has intelligence catagory(s) that are just as important
as math and science catagories.
I agree with Linda that in proving art's value, using
test scores is the wrong way to do it. You might do
better to argue the case using authentic assessment. Art
isn't going to magically put more formulas and other facts
in their heads, but it does teach creativity and problem
solving skills. These skills would be reflected though
authentic assessment.
Another tact you could take is arguing art as it relates
to a holistic education. Aesthetics is a subcatagory of
ethics...I'm a little weak making an argument here. I'd
like to think that Art makes us better people. Also I
definately FEEL better if I've sat down and done some art
recently. Maybe someone else on the list can help me out

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In his session at the NAEA convention, Elliot Eisner made the point that
much of the research you are looking for is flawed and therefore
invalid. Someone on the list said he had an article in "Art Education"
not too long ago in which he went into detail about this. As much as we
would like to believe that art improves academic learning, this has not
been proven in research and it is not a firm foundation on which to
build an art program. (If scores don't improve it will be "art's
Linda in Michigan

Vicki Vance wrote:
> Does Art Education help Children's Grades in School?
> > I am on a curriculum committee which is considering improving the art
program in our small school district. We could use any information or
statistics that would explain
> art's value for our children and society in general.
> >
> > Perhaps someone could recommend some web sites, books or articles that I
could research and photocopy for our presentation particularly in the area
of reading.
> >
> > Thank you,
> >
> > Vicki Vance
> > vvance