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"glue" picture ideas

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Bunki Kramer (
Sun, 9 May 1999 11:10:46 -0700 (PDT)

>I want to do the pictures where you outline contour with black glue then
>use pastels to fill in the color. Anyone have the recipe/ratio of glue
>mixed with ____? Any tips about this project?
>Again - many thanks.


Try using white glue on black constuction paper and you get almost the same
project when you finish. the black shows through the glue as "black" when
dried and pasteled around.

You can also, when the white glue dries, go over the glue lines with
permanent gold, silver or copper ink markers...lovely....and then pastel.

You can also laminate over the glued lines and pastel and THEN add the gold
or silver perm. markers, if you want to perserve the pastel drawing without

My adv. 8th graders just finished this lesson a couple of weeks ago with
some blind contoured hand drawings done over each other, made a viewfinder,
went into the drawing to find good compositions, and transferred the
favorite viewfinder composition onto any color construction
paper...perferably a darker color. We "glued in" the lines.

This was a good use of blind contour drawing techniques and what to do with
those leftover drawings. We did 5 on top of the next
one...on one 9x12" drawing paper. We used notecards as viewfinders with a
window cut to approx. 2x3". They were required to find as least 3 good
compositions within the one drawing. Good use of line study and composition

Another lesson....You can draw a design on white 9x12" paper. Lay an
overhead sheet of acitate over it and go over the lines with black glue...I
use half and half. Paint the areas in carefully with stain glass
paint...very cheap paint from Michael's...and these make fabulous
stain-glass window projects. You can go around the outside of the sheet
with black tape to finish it off. Using stain glass paint helps to keep it
from fading from the sunlight.


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