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Re: Paper making

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Melissa Enderle (melissae)
Mon, 3 May 1999 22:17:30 -0500

>Hi...we will be doing paper making lessons in my 8th grade classes. This is
>a new lesson for me.
>Does anyone have any hints or tips to make it easier....please rush your
Papermaking indeed is a fun­ but messy project. Here are a few tips that
might make things less stressful.
Tear up and soak the paper beforehand. It will be much easier on the
Donıt fill up the blender entirely with water. Youıll have an exploded
Keep area movement to a minimum. You will have water and pulp in the
entire area.

If you add liquid starch, the paper fibers will hold together a little
better, resulting in a slightly stronger paper. If you really want
stronger or better paper, use a cotton, flax or other linter in addition
to your recyled paper.

Consider how you will store the paper pieces while they are drying. I
would sponge them on those paper cloth (or whatever they are called)
pieces and then place these on a flat spot or item. Name should be on the
cloth or flat piece.

Students can make their own stencils using foam core.

Remind kids that the color will change after the formed sheet dries. If
you add natural fibers or plants/flowers to the pulp, that pretty green
may change to a rust color. Paint colors dry lighter.

have pleny of sponges and plastic drop cloths on hand! A longer time
period is better.

Good luck!
If you want more info, including making Eastern (a.k.a. Japanese or
³rice² paper), Iıve had some experience.

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