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Re: OnlineClass May Newsletter

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Ann Carolan (
Mon, 03 May 1999 11:49:18 +0000

Yes, I agree the media can be used for good as well as evil. What I'm
talking about is being reasonable in what is allowed on the media waves.
THis is a very difficult subject. No one wants McCarthyism; yet, who
wants porn and violence fed to our children in massive, unadulterated,
unlimited quantities and forms? Perhaps some adults may want to choose
these forms of entertainment, but it is time these people and the ACLU
recognized the need to protect the whole society over the needs and
rights of a few. It is proven over and over that impressionable young
children and people with mental illness, troubled teens, etc., cannot
handle the proliferation of unmoderated violence and sex in the media.
We have a duty and responsibility as parents, educators, and leaders in
the media, to set and hold to decency, to workable guidelines, and to
the passage of ethics and morality in our society. Unmitigated sex and
violence will bring us down. Ancient Rome is an example of what
corruption can do to a society when we allow permissiveness to rule.
Babylon is another good example.

Personally, I will do everything I can to awaken a sense of decency,
modesty, and the highest moral values in our children by example and
through the written and spoken words. I will guard my language, my tone,
and my behavior, especially in the presence of young people. THe Bible
warns us against the punishment for anyone who would hurt "these, the
least of my brethern". "It would be better to hang a millstone around
your neck".

ann carolan