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airbrush, pricing, chemical

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Rich Stephen J Contr ACC/CEVP (
Mon, 3 May 1999 12:10:26 -0400

Thankyou everyone who sent replies to my posts on 'airbrushing'
and 'prices'. The amount of people who wrote me is too numerous
to respond individually (I love the art teachers listserv!). I will now
become the next famous airbrusher and will indirectly pull my
mailperson's back with the 2 dozen mail order catalogues making their
way to my house.

I am surprised no one chose to directly respond to my post on 'chemical
worries'. I'd assumed teachers were appraised of any hazardous
chemicals in the workplace, is this not true? Or maybe the mentality
is that if we're going to take the inherent risk of using art materials,
we might as well not worry further about it?
That isn't my mentality at all. Most of the warnings I find on paints
make reference to, "Warning! Vapor may cause nerve and brain
damage!" Brain damage! As organs go, my brain is fairly important
to me. There must be paints that if not 'safe', are 'safer'. We're a
creative folk used to using unussual materials in unstandard ways
(just ask my local hardware store about me); has no one come across
a painting solution they felt was safer for them? I'd be willing to spend a
weekend mixing food coloring and gel if I thought it would work and minimize
the health risks.

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