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Compiled List: Crazy Things for Painting and Printing

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MaryAnn Kohl (maryann)
Sun, 2 May 99 15:11:46 -0700

Okay, everybody... Here's the list I have been compiling from the ECELoop and the ECENet loop on Crazy Things you Can Print and Paint With. Lots and lots of fun ideas here. There are probably more, but you gotta stop some time, right? If you have more suggestions, you can send them to me and I will TRY to add them to this list, but I am going out of town for a few weeks, so I don't promise any quick response.

List comes in two "pieces"... 1. the short alphabetical list, and 2. the long with comments and credits variety.

Thanks, everyone. Your ideas are really inspiring. Can't wait to try a few that are new to me!
PS I am sharing this with a couple of other loops that might be interested.... thanks again!

Crazy Things for Paint and Print
(Alphabetical/Abbreviated List)

animals, plastic
animals/toys, feet ofŠ plastic or rubber
anything you can find Š
go on a hunt in the garage, kitchen, garage sales, outdoors, everywhere
back-scrubbers, many varieties
back-scrubbers, with the bumpy sponge on the end of the handle.
balls, any variety
balls, golf
balls, Koosh
baskets, strawberry ­ plastic mesh
bath puffs, made from mesh
berry baskets
bottle caps
bottles, Coke long neck (make a flower print)
brushes, toilet bowl (clean of course)
bubble wrap
bumpy things, glued to: cardboard, wood blocks, paper towel tubes
cans, dipped in paint for nice circles
cardboard, pieces
cardboard, with string glued on to it
carpet and upholstery samples
cars, toy
cars, with wheels
containers with shaker tops, from seasoning/ herb/ spice
cookie cutters
corn cobs
Crayola construction paper crayons / new
crayons, Crayola construction paper variety
eye droppers
fabric of different textures
feather dusters
film canisters
foam, pieces of
fruits and vegetables
gadgets, combine with brush painting
gadgets, variety
gelatin molds
golf balls
hair rollers
hair, paint with own
jar lids
kitchen tool, any
lids, from jars, containers, or bottles
markers, dried out
meat tenderizers
muffin tins
newspaper, crumpled
nylon stockings
paintbrushes, big ones for houses
panty hose filled with sand
panty hose, feet filled with sand
paper towel tubes
pine cones
pine needles
plastic lids
plastic wrap, crumpled
popsicle sticks
potato mashers
potato masher, old fashioned with squiggly end
rolling pin with fabric or yarn wrapped around
rubber bands, around blocks
rubber bands, grouped together and tied
rubber stamps, old
SaranWrap, crumpled
screws, big-headed
soap holders with soft bumps or prongs (dots)
soap holders, with suction cups
socks filled with sand (drop from top of climber)
sponges, cut up cello
sponges, in shapes
spools, from thread
spools, old thread (place wire through hole twist and form a handle/looks similar to regular paint roller but makes great stripes)
spray bottles
strawberry baskets ­ plastic mesh
string or yarn
tooth brushes
tops, from dry Parmesan/ Romano cheese containers (circles and half-moons)
toy cars
toys, any with wheels
toys, broken parts of
vegetables and fruit
worms, rubber bait - feel real in the paint
yarn, general
yarn, glued around paper towel tube or glued to any other surface for printing

List of Ideas with comments, credits (Some of the comments were shortened a bit):

Back rubbers to rub your back with-one looks almost like a wooden car: a u-shaped handle with four wheels attached, two on each side.
Ann Scalley

Berry baskets, bubble wrap, panty hose feet filled with sand, and empty seasoning/ herb/ spice containers with shaker tops. Tops from dry Parmesan/Romano cheese containers: they pop off real easy and make circles and half moons when dipped in paint. They're also great used in playdough.
ECE Cottrell52

Coke long neck bottles - they make a flower print plungers (On the floor)
rubber bait worms - they feel real in the paint those suction cup soap holders
any kitchen tool - mashers, meat tenderizers
bath puffs - made out of the mesh?

combs, cookie cutters, film canisters, spatulas
cars with wheels, berry baskets, corks, corn, cobs, spools, knobs, bottle caps, checkers, keys, yarn, jar lids, cardboard pieces, potato mashers, casters, gelatin molds, shoes, rolling pin with fabric or yarn wrapped around
ECE Cdcatnorth

crumpled SaranWrap or newspaper, cut up cello sponges, scrubbies, empty spools, hair rollers, toilet bowl brushes (clean and new, of course!), plungers, cans dipped in paint for nice circles
ECEnet Moralyn
Lynda O'Hara

Have you seen the Bev Bos pictures of children painting with their own hair?!! I'll add a couple to the list .... blown up balloons, dandelions, feather dusters, spray bottles, the little plastic pads with the suction cup thingies for putting soap on (?), muffin tins, forks, and my favorite ... socks filled with sand, dipped in paint and dropped from the top of the climber.
ECE Eric.obee
Sue Obee

old carpet and upholstery samples to print with.
Cynthia Willmarth

Painting with squeegees
Painting with broom or roller with long extension on the floor.
Send note home asking each family to send in something to paint/print with at school.
End up with a nice selection of new ideas.
ECE kscalley
Ann Scalley

pine needles: I saved a couple of the pine needle paintings for samples to remind me how beautiful they are. I added some small pine
cones for printing along with the needles.
Back scrubbers with the bumpy sponge on the end of the handle. It sort of looks like a pretty flower. Old fashioned potato masher with the squiggly worm like configuration on the bottom.
Combination of butterfly cookie cutters, and a large butterfly sponge in purple paint... and I put the potato mashers mentioned above in green paint.....I also put out yellow, magenta, and green paints with small brushes. Again, like the other painting I mentioned, the children just created whatever kind of picture they wanted using whatever materials they wanted. I ended up with some really amazing pictures. Some with big purple butterflies and then the little cookie cutter butterfly print outlines with painted designs in the middle....some children made grass and stamped the potato mashers in the grass and they looked like caterpillars.... there were painted flowers, and suns. I really love combining gadgets and brush painting.

Soap holders with bumps or soft prongs to keep the soap out of the water. (Looks cool when dipped in paint leaves polka-dots on the paper.) I used the new Crayola construction paper crayons: the kids made black butterflies shapes then decorated them with the bright colors. One child said "I didn't know that black is so beautiful." We hung them all over the room.
ECE Mhglo2

sponges, popsicle sticks, marbles, eye droppers, plastic lids, paper towel tubes, film canisters, rubber bands around blocks, plastic animals or cars, cardboard with string glued on to it, crumpled newspaper, sticks, leaves, pieces of foam, fabric of different textures, dried out markers.
ECEnet Trey, trey

Sponges, string or yarn, straws, Q-tips, toy cars, marbles, pine needles.
ECE toto53

strawberry baskets (the plastic, mesh ones), potato mashers, cookie cutters, feet of plastic or rubber animals, corks, dandelions, big-headed screws, and seashells
ECEnet Kjrbryant
Karen Bryant

tooth brushes, combs, potato mashers, sponges, agapantha flowers, Koosh balls, old thread spools (place wire through hole twist and form a handle...looks similar to regular paint roller but makes great stripes), and rubber bands which have been grouped together and tied.
ECE A Dean48

Toothbrushes work great too! Save old ones, clean well and use. Donšt forget to remind the children that these are "old" toothbrushes! Donšt want anyone going home and trying to paint with his or her toothbrushes!
ECE shaddox
Sue H.

What about nylon painting? You fill an old panty hose stocking with sand, tie a knot at the end and dip in a pan of paint and drop it on large paper. It makes a great "splat" print.
Golfball painting.
Balloon Painting. Fill the balloon with a little water and then blow it up.
ECE kolson2
Kristine Olson

MaryAnn F. Kohl (WA)