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Re: Colorado and its Victims

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Sun, 2 May 1999 13:04:30 EDT

I have a question for those out there who would like to participate in this
Do you believe all the money that is being raised for the victims of
Littleton (NONE of which is going to be given to the 2 families of the
murderers as of now) be given to the parents of the murderers? This was a
question raised at a talk show I was listenening to on our local radio
station. It was a very intriging question to me. At first I shouted (to the
radio) "NO!" Then I started thinking that if money was offered to the
Kleebolts and the Harris Family (and hopefully) they would turn it down, it
would send a message to the children that there are human beings out there
that rise above these things, no matter what it is or how horrible the
tragedy is . If we as those human beings offer some of the $$ to those 2
families even tho they might turn it down, would it send a positive message
to children? Maybe not. I don't know. My gut tells me they don't need the
money and that they were responsible...but maybe I'm off base on this issue.
In other words, they had a loss also (yes, their loss were the 2 evil
monsters) however, they might (or might not ) have loved their sons in their
own way. Should we as human beings be vengeful toward them forever or should
we rise about it --to show we are bigger than that? Should we forgive them
and open up our hearts to these 2 families? And another issue--are they
(Kleeboldt and Harris) victims a different level??? After all, they
had a loss too, right? Do you think the 2 young men were victims because
their parents ignored them and didn't get the attention they so desperately
needed? Were these 2 children victimized by poor parenting? Do you think
this racism and hatred was taught in their home? Maybe not....but when they
saw their sons running in a bad crowd why did they do nothing to stop it?
What about the use of this word "victim"? It comes in many forms and
levels..OR...should the parents leave the community because they have nothing
to offer it? That's probably what will happen anyway; after all, look how
they are dealing with this tragedy--Horribly. They are pleading immunity.
Many questions--Love to hear your comments.
P.S. My suggestion: Give ALL money raised, to the high schools and
elementary schools for programs that reach out to children in any way, shape
or form. Period.