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Re: A world without art

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Adriana Portella (
Sun, 31 May 1998 22:51:16 -0300

Picture a world without the influence of art...

That's what you ask us to do, but, even with many efforts, I am not able to
do so...
I cannot imagine the world without art because we cannot face it as
something out of the world. Art is part of our lives. Even small children
have sense of design, color, textures, sounds...
Our wonderful world of signs!!!

Some teachers imagine that Art Classes are not useful, because we need
Chemistry, Math, Science... But they forget that Art has the same importance
of any other topic. Sensibility, creativity, imagination, joy... so many
ways of finding yourself through art.
And this world full of violent movies, violent news, violent students inside
violent schools needs to face that we must have sensibility, we must take
from the treasure that mankind left here the secrets of going on and on,
trying to create better days...

Art has mistery, challenge, discovery... You find yourself and the other
inside paintings, dance, melodies, theater, poetry... A big, big, big way of
feeling deeply and deeply.

Yes, our schools need Art, our days need Art.

Let's practice!!!


(Please, forgive my Port-English!!!)

Kisses from Brazil!!!

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De: Jana Nicol <nicol>
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Data: Domingo, 31 de Maio de 1998 22:19
Assunto: A world without art

>Picture a world without the influence of art:
>There would be no music because music is an art, what about colors? How
about clothes? Those need to be designed, I guess everyone would wear the
same outfit? What about furniture, interiors, portraits? All of those are
artistic. Houses? Would we all live in caves? Architects are needed to
design houses (uh-oh, there's that "d" word!) Ha, ha.
>Can anyone add to this? I am trying to make a point to the CEO of my
company - that art IS important, that it NEEDS to be in the schools.