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Re: brushes & paint (elementary)

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Lorena Nalin (nalin)
Sat, 30 May 1998 20:43:08 -0700 (MST)

Every year I seemed to struggle with the best way to keep, store and manage
the paint. This year I think I have a workable solution for me, that I'll

I buy from the warehouse club (Price Club, Costco, Sam's club) the square
styrofoam takeout containers that have the hinged lid. I cut these in half
and pour a small amount of warm or cool colors into the corners and
sometimes the middle. I discuss about mixing from the edges of the colors
into the open spaces and not to mix all the colors together. At the end of
class this pallette is stored in a closeable (Ziplock) bag with the name or
number of the table written on it. The closed bags allow the trays to be
stacked easily and keep the paint usable for a long time. Tables who mess
up their paint, get the same containers back the next class. I do pour
small amount of new paint for them, but not without the lecture again!

If I need larger amounts of paint, the SOLO cup with lids that you can
order through the art supplier or get at the warehouse club also work
great. With little time to wash those cups, when I finish with the paint,
I let it dry completely, flex the cup to free the dry paint and discard the
dry paint, then I let the cups soak in a tub of water over night and the
next day I sponge out any excess very simply. If I have lots of cups to
store, I have put them into an aluminum cake pans you get at the grocery
store and use plastic shower caps to cover the whole pan of paint cups,
this keep the paint usable for several days.

My brushes seem to be in the water as much as out of the water and the
laquered handles always seem to chip and look terrible quickly. I have
found that the STUBBY plastic brushes do have handles that hold up under
the tortures of water and the bristles are of good quality and do not fall
out or bend even with misuse. Great for elementary grades, probably not
for upper grages.

Bunki is right, you get what you pay for. I do not buy the large quanity
value pack as the brushes are poor to begin with and never stand up under
the conditions of constant use.

Lorena Nalin
Elementary art
Tucson, AZ