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Re:Substitutes and free-drawing

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Fri, 29 May 1998 22:27:08 -0500

> Hi All,

The talk of subbing reminds me of some mighty challenging days. I subbed art for
4 districts and learned to be quite flexible. All good subs should be prepared
for some 1 day activities for a wide variety of age groups.Most teachers I subbed
for left me good notes , but one district I subbed for all the art teachers left
notes saying ,"Don't touch my stuff", "Do anything you want but leave the current
projects alone!". Now I suppose they felt they were playing it safe if they didn't
know they were having a certified art teacher, but I resented that they left no
further information. It is helpful to at least know what one can use and where to
find it or to even leave a couple possible activites utilizing things available in
the room- but not free- drawing. I think our subject area deserves more respect
than that. Do they have free- math days? Should subs say "ok everyone lets do any
math probs you feel like "? Or how about free - social studies day? "let's all
study about some country" .
Forgive my sarcasm , but I feel our content area deserves better than a free for
all. The time our students have in art is minimal in many cases. Let's use every
minute they have and make it worthwhile.
There are many things a sub (art or otherwise) can do in simple lessons with basic
materials that can be worthwhile. We owe it to the kids and our profession to
make sure whether we are the teacher that day or not ,to have a lesson with some
meaning. Drawing can a valuable lesson if planned with some thought.
It just takes some time and research.


PS. I have a special folder for subs with not only some basic school info. but
also an art word search and some quick activities. I guess after you've been in
another situation it makes you appreciate people who are there and to have some
consideration for them.