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Original Works Yours!!!

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Cheryl Lane (lane_c)
Sat, 30 May 1998 12:00:03 -0700

Hi Gang!!
Was ready to post all the information a couple of days ago and realized
everything was still at school!!! Thanks for your patience!!!

Original Works Yours
54 Caldwell Road
Stillwater, NY 12170

I teach k-5 elementary, at a year round school in Florida...
This is my 5th year.....

OWY is a great fundraiser for art!!!! It takes a child's original
artwork and prints it on shirts, mugs, calender, mouse pads, cards,
hats, aprons, tote bags, refig magnets, key chains. Whatever the child
wants to order... OWY will provide the specially sized paper for free,
just ask... It is a very organized program, and I suggest you also be
very organized so that it doesnt turn into a big mess. I dealt with
almost 1000 pieces of artwork and it went pretty well!!! It is time
comsuming though but after figureing out what we earned, it made it all
worth while!!!
First of all, the company will send you a folder that is the
Coordinator's guide... it is filled with all the information you need,
from the date when the artwork needs to be mailed to OWY ( by the way
you do have to pay for the shipping, but you can reinburst yourself from
your profits!!) to form letters that you send home to inform the parents
what is going on, an opt out letter, a reminder letter, some gift
certicates to give to volenteer helpers (youll need them!! although
older kids could help !middle and high schools), shipping forms and step
by step procedures. They may also send you products and posters to set
up displays in your school...
After the students finish their artwork, (each piece needs to be
labeled with name, school, teacher, grade.... I had moms help with
kindergarten , first through 5th did their own.. the younger kids can
copy the information off the board) you send it to OWY. Each class in
put in one of those acordian folders labeled with teacher, school, and
grade. About 3 weeks later you recieve them back with a magnet. It is
a "see before you buy" program. That way if it didnt turn out well on
the magnet, you know not to order anything... use bright colors,
obviously colored pencils and pencil drawing may not be very
sucessful. And OWY is very picky about copyrights... no cartoon
characters, etc!!! Each magnet is in a ziplock bag labeled with child's
name and teacher, with instuctions for parents and an order form.. I
sent the magnets home and stressed to the students that the magnet is
NOT FREE, but to let you know how well your artwork will turn out on
hats and things... You do have to work with the classroom teachers on
this, especially if you only see the kids once a week like I do. I gave
each teacher an envelop marked OWY- art so that when orders came in,
they just put it in the envelop and each day give to me. ( of course at
a faculty meeting let the teachers know whats going on BEFORE you
begin!!) By the way, any magnets not returned or paid for, OWY eats the
lost, you dont. Although if most of your magnets dont come back and are
not paid for, then they may not want to work with you again!
What I did was print out a list of each class in a spreadsheet so that
when orders came in at the end of each day I went through and marked
what each child ordered and the check number (in case of bounced
checks). This was a quick reference to me so I could tell who had not
turned in their order or returned their magnet... After you recieve your
orders( by the way OWY usually gives you a week to get all the orders
in, I asked for two weeks and set the order delivery date even later
because People DONT READ due dates!!!! I had some orders come in way
past the due date!! Its up to you how you deal with this... I ended up
doing two separate orders with OWY because my classes are on tracks and
with some on and some off (meaning not at school) it was very
frustrating trying to meet the dates... after the second late order went
out that was it! NO more orders! Anyway you have to go through and pull
out the artwork for the people who ordered and put their order form with
it... I ended up haveing some 4th graders after school help me do this.
They usually were in kidcare( an afterschool babysitting service at our
school) and they thought they were such big wigs helping with such an
important job!! Send the orders out, get them back, check them! I only
had one mistake!!! they had sent only one key chain instead of a set!
And all is happy!!! Happy spending!! I worked with my PTA treasurer, she
set up an art account, so any money I recieved I gave to her and she
deposited it in my account... This works great when it comes time for
spending because all you have to do is order what you what from whatever
catalog and when the bill come in give it to your treasurer and she
writes the check! Check with your school though because different
schools have different policies. Our school is allowed only two school
wide fund raisers a year, well since this is specialized for a
department (art) I can also continue this fund raiser....
I also added an incentive for the kids to get their orders in, the first
class that has all their orders in or magnets returned earned a popcorn
party in art!!!!! Have some moms help with it though... The class that
earned the popcorn party had to pick out one kernel of popped corn to
draw while eating the rest! I also put a microwave bag of popcorn in
each teacher's box with a thank you for helping me with the fun raiser!!
I used my OWY funds to pay for it all!!

Well I hope I answered everyone questions that I have recieved!!! If you
have any more feel free to email!!
have fun!