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kits for subs

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Wed, 27 May 1998 19:14:06 EDT

Here are some ideas I have used through the various grade levels.

Kindergarten and Grade 1:

Read book. Perhaps "Two Bad Ants". After have them draw a picture from an
ant's perspective.

Grade 2:

Design your own tattoos by tracing your hand several times with pencil first.
Then trace over with marker and design the tattoos. They can be animal spots
or stripes, shapes, etc.

Grades 3 and 4:

Name Aliens
Fold a paper in half the long way. Write your name in cursive along the fold.
Cut off y's and g's, etc. Flip the paper over and hold up to a window. Trace
the name backwards. Open it up and have the child hold the paper with either
end up. Design an alien with lots of hands, eyes, etc. And fill the space
drawing the spaceship, planet, etc.

Grades 7 and 8:

On a 5" x 12" paper draw a simple drawing of a face. Then take a ruler and
draw lines over the face. It can have a pattern or be random. Color in with
colored pencils: either spaces of solid color, dark to light color, blending
of two colors, etc.
Looks like a combo of a Picasso and a stained glass window.

Younger children K - 4 usually get a kick out of free-drawing especially if
they don't get to do it that often. Or pick a subject and discuss it for
I think high school students can usually continue the present lesson on their

Hope this helps!!

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