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Re: Fw: Latest Darwin Awards (fwd)

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Maggie White (mwhite)
Mon, 25 May 1998 19:29:55 -0700

Lauretta A. Hendricks-Backus wrote:
> Just in case you havn't seen these-retta
> >>> The Darwin Award is made each year to the person who has managed to
> >>> kill themselves (and therefore prevent the survival of their genes
> >>> hence Darwin!) in the most bizarre way imaginable.

My favorite of all time was the case in AZ around 15 years ago, I think
near Phoenix, when some yahoo went out in the desert with a shotgun and
started blasting away at the saguaros (as yahoos often do).

He blasted a particularly large, old one, and weakened it to the point
where it toppled over and BLAM! squashed him flat as a fritter. (Mature
saguaros weigh over a ton).

Mother Nature sure got hers...

Thanks for the weird humor, Retta. Much needed this last week!