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Judy Anderson (anderson)
Mon, 25 May 1998 15:49:09 -0500 (CDT)

I think being a teacher with kids in school is a unique experience. Reading
Gina's post struck a note with me. I have taught as a part time art teacher in
each of my three (sr. just graduating, jr in hs, and 8th grade grad) and found
it helpful when they were young. I was informed as soon as any little issue
came up and in grade school they were generally small things....spelling needed
work, silliness in class, etc.
Now I teach full time in a high school 40 minutes from home and although
I no longer have this experience I watch those who teach in my building with hs.
students in attendance being informed of each little issue and I am glad it
isn't me. It seems as though teachers often cannot distinguish between the
sins of the sons and daughters and the sins of the parents.
There comes a time in each kid's life when they find out that they
are ultimately in control of their actions. Many make logical decisions about
whether or not they are willing to pay the consequence if caught. As a matter of
fact that is one of my main duties as a teacher/ be sure that the
consequences are known so there will be no whining when the price must be paid.
I have found that allowing my oldest daughter to pay the consequences when
she went through periods of rebellion (thankfully not sexual or addiction
penalties)has left her with the conviction that she is her own boss and has
given her independence and it has also released me from alot of unproductive
There also comes a time when everyone, even our children's teachers must
realize that our kids aren't carbon copies of us. They may have difficulty
in school when school was easy for mom. They may not be joiners even though
mom is socially active. They may be easy going/even lazy when mom is a
(another issue). We all do the best we can on a daily basis....there are no
easy solutions...mindlessly defending our kids, blaming others, ignoring
behaviors, feeling guilty...don't work and are time and energy wasters.