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response to Reatha's thoughts.........

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Bunki Kramer (
Mon, 25 May 1998 10:34:49 -0700

">Drugs were not even part of the picture when I went to>school I think
that most schools do a poor job of preparing future teachers>for the
discipline problems."

I echo these thoughts exactly! I whine about this time and again. The
response I get back from college professors is generally...."We spend time
in the classroom observing all the time. We're IN the classroom."

As art teachers in the trenches, you and I know THIS is not "being in the
classroom". "Being there" means standing up in front of the class with
complete control, teaching a concept, having everyone paying attention,
giving out supplies and still maintaining control, producing the product
and learning the technique while still in control, monitoring the class for
any disruptions while, at the same time, helping individuals, and cleaning
up and storing products with one eye on the class (and doing it ALL at the
same time).
AND...the big "AND"....knowing what to do when you DO have a disicipline
problem and how to handle it when you have 34 other pairs of eyes on you.
You don't get the "feel" if you're just observing in the classroom.
Besides, kids act differently when there is a strange adult in the
classroom observing.

">.....Drawing>what you see is copying and that is all it is."

Yes, yes, yes. Anyone who has taught middle school/high school knows this
to be true. My teeth clinch when someone mentions this as opposed to
creative drawing from imagination being a better technique. There's a place
for both. You can't learn the skill of "seeing" if you're not looking to
copy it. You can't learn where muscles are and how the fur fits together in
diff. directions without copying it. The copying technique adds to the
creative, imaginative drawing.


Bunki Kramer
Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Rd.
Danville, California 94526

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