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Fwd: Anwers to three simple questions needed for insight

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Mon, 25 May 1998 05:51:06 EDT

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Subject: Re: Anwers to three simple questions needed for insight
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In a message dated 5/23/98 6:39:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
mdietric writes:

<< 1. Wy did you choose art education as a carreer?
2. What were the discrepancies in your preparation for teaching the
visual arts and the realities of the job?
3. If you could change one part of the profession, what would that
be? Why? >>
I chose art education as a career because I realized that I needed to have a
paycheck coming in. Art education allowed me to have my cake and eat it too.

Discrepancies: I think it would have been nice if they had been honest about
discipline. They never even mentioned it. They never mentioned that there
would be students who had not desire to take art. For someone like myself, it
was unimaginable that there would be students who did not love art let alone
hate it. And I had never witnessed misbehavior such as I encountered when I
entered the classroom. Drugs were not even part of the picture when I went to
school I think that most schools do a poor job of preparing future teachers
for the discipline problems.

If I could change one thing it would be the art teachers who do not teach art.
I think that they do more damage to the art educational process than anything
else. They are the ones who promote it as a class in which students aren't
learning anything. Because in their classes they aren't. They are the ones who
teach students to hate art. You always hate anything you don't really know how
to do. Especially if you are led to believe that only a very special few are
actually going to be able to do it. Then your natural reaction is: "Why should
I be forced to take a class in something that I can't do anyway." We have to
get rid of the teachers who just teach projects and the schools that prepare
them that way. It is time to start teaching art. Anyone can learn the design
principles and how to apply them. Anyone can learn to draw. The learning
process for learning to draw is the same one used to learn to write. Copying
letters is no more difficult than copying anything else you can see. Drawing
what you see is copying and that is all it is.

I hope this helps.
Reatha Wilkins
Carolina Forest Education Center
High School
Myrtle Beach, SC