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Re: a cold remedy

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Juncture (Juncture)
Wed, 20 May 1998 18:24:45 EDT

A few years ago I started putting Antibacterial Soap on my
hands as one would use hand lotion & not washing it off. I've tried the Kerri
anti bacterial lotion but I like Soft soap anti bacterial soap w/ lotion
better. I haven't missed a day of work in 3 yrs. I've had colds but no
flu/viruses -- stuff that wipes you out. My system rewards employees -
Janitors & all $200 for perfect attendance. I haven't gone in sick either --
not even once -- it's not worth it. Some of you may want to try this. Also
When Kids ask for Kleenexes I suggest they go out of the room for privacy &
throw the tissue away in the hall/after a class leaves that's had a lot of
coughing I sometimes spray Lysol (& at days end when things are "going
around"). With 600 + kids every week - I have a potential Petri Dish in my
room & No I'm not Germophobic just careful. I don't Clorox crayons/pencils,
My Mother once taught in a school around
1947 that had a teacher w/ that problem -- she would
grasp their papers at arms length w/ a tissue— among other bizarre things --
it really upset the kids & she lost her job because of it. I started using
a.b. soap after getting pneumonia 2 times the semester the Gulf war was going
on -- hospital 1wk- out at home 1 wk.