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a cold remedy

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Nancy Markowich (mikema89)
Mon, 18 May 1998 22:46:45 -0400

Diane L. wrote:
> Dear Pals, thanks again for all your encouragement, advice and friendship.
> I always wanted a penpal, and now I've got dozens. You've helped me get
> through my first year of teaching art, k-2, with flying colors, (pun
> intended). I've laughed with you and cried with you, even shared
> frustration with you over nasty listserver postings. Many of your lesson
> plans have helped pull me through a difficult week, especially when I had
> my 5th cold of the year, and could hardly think let alone do art. I'm
> happy to report that the cold I have now (and for the past 3 weeks, due I
> believe to the kid who sneezed in my face while I was helping him put
> feather 'hair' on his puppet, is just about gone. I'm hoping to get out of
> school before chickenpox season starts. Last day of classes for us is June
> 3rd, private school schedule. This summer I'll have a brief rest and then
> be working in an art camp, (I'd rather be relaxing or doing my own art
> work, which is influenced by East Asian ink brush painting, but the camp
> director gave me a nice recommendation for my teaching position, so I guess
> I certainly owe her a summer. At any rate, I can't really complain, since
> it's only 4 weeks and only, let's see, 16 daily lesson plans for early
> childhood students. (yiks! I hope burnout cures fast). Anyway, I'd like
> to share a lesson plan with you guys, maybe you can use it in a pinch
> during the last days of school, It worked well for me.
> 2nd grade.
> Reference: Art Synetics by Nicholas Roukes
> Visual: see page 33 in above book. Show students photo of face with ears
> for eyes. Show students an abstract portrait, say, one by Picasso such as
> his painting of Gertrude Stein.
> Discussion: Transformation using art skills, Showing people, objects in a
> new way, maybe how we feel about them, maybe how we could improve them,
> maybe how we could reinvent them.
> Hand out 8z10" sheets of paper, helps to use a type of paper they never
> used before, such as gray charcoal paper, and charcoal sticks, (we hadn't
> used either of these before so it added to the novelty of the lesson).
> Challenge: Ask students to use some of the elements of art they learned
> during the year, such as line shape and texture, to create wacky,
> reinvented, transformed pictures of everyday things, or persons. (let them
> do as many as they want.)
> Assessment: Hold them up, show the class as they are finished, tack as
> many to the bulletin board as possible) Ask students to describe what they
> did, and how they did it.
> We had a lot of fun with this. Some students even did portraits of me.
> Glad I have a sense of humor.
> Well... I still have to write my end of the year reports, do inventory,
> clean the room and order supplies. Students still have to finish puppets,
> etc. I'll probably still check in over the summer to see how you guys are.
> With much love, Diane L.
Diane, To prevent colds many of us use Echinacea-Golden Seal which are
natural herb pills. As soon as you feel the symptoms of a cold take
several pills every four hours. Some teachers like to use Zinc. It
really helps when the kids are snorting and sneezing all over us.

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