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Art Kits for "regular" classroom

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Kimberly Anne Herbert (kimberly)
Mon, 18 May 1998 15:08:31 -0500

Dear List,
The staff members at the Children's Art Museum are looking for ways
help teachers include more Art Education in the classroom. Currently we
have 2 art teachers for 21 elementary schools, and one in each Junior
High/Middle School, and our two high schools. We already have trunks
based around the themes of the different cultures that contributed to
the Concho Valley and West Texas. My idea is to expand this with a
different type of kit. Each kit would have two major parts. One part
would be reproductions and other learning tools that can be used accross
all ages (PK-12), the other part would for different grade levels
(tenatively PK-K, 1-3, 4-6, 6-9, 9-12 the reason for the overlap in the
upper grades is half the district has middle schools and half has Junior
Highs) this part would consist of reading materials written by staff,
books, booklist, suggested activities including studio art activities.
A major selling point would be that the kits statisifed both Texas
Essential Knowledge and Skill requirements and San Angelo ISD
curriculumn requirements in both art and one other subject. For example
using a reproduction to hightlight a history lesson, or researching
about an artist for a Langauge Arts class. This idea is in a very early
brainstorming stage. All ideas and comments are welcome. One thing we
have to consider is that if the kits are lightweight, we can walk them
next door to an elementary school and use interschool mail to get them
to a teacher, especially if we are able to get a joint grant with the
district. If they are heavy we have to have a staff member deliver
them. That would mean we would have to charge something ($5.00 +) to
cover the time and labor.
We need input. What types of materials do you thinks should be included
to make it easier for a teacher, who's certification is not art, to
include art in his/her lessons? What do we need to include to make the
kits accessable to children with various disablilities (especially the
visually impaired students)?
Kimberly Herbert
Children's Art Museum
San Angelo, TX