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Re: [ArstEd] Exam request

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Sat, 16 May 1998 04:32:08 +0800

I hope this will help. Here are some classifications you might consider:

(1) According to length:
Short Quiz - 1 to 20 items
Long Quiz - more than 20 items, but less than 45 items
Short Examination - more than 45 items, but less than 80 items
Long Examination - 80 items or more

(2) According to the kind of items:
True or False
Modified True or False
Multiple Choice
Matching Type
Fill in the Blanks
Question and Answer
Identification (Illustration or Text)
Definition of Terms
Problem Solving

(3) According to answer delivery:
Oral Examination
Written Examination

(4) Creative test options for art classes (for the grade levels, go
Paintings Come Alive - Students get to act out, mime or imitate what is in a
painting. This is dependent on the student's interpretation of the work.
Reverse Identification - Instead of making students identify a painting,
only the name of the artwork and the artist. Afterwhich, let the
students picture the painting in their mind and let them describe the
artwork in their own words.

Well, that's all I can think of for now till next time... :)


At 06:35 AM 5/15/98 EDT, you wrote:
>On rethinking my request for copies of exams, I think that a description of
>the types of exams offered in the different subjects (including yours) in
>school would be sufficient. Sometimes it is too early when I post to this
>list. I do not do my best thinking early in the morning. Wait til about ten.
>Then I'm cooking. But I would really appreciate all the information you can
>give me. That way I can work on this project this summer. You know at the
>time I complete the other three dozen things that I have put off til "this
>summer". We will survive.