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Re: Aboriginal Art...

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Louise (
Thu, 14 May 1998 13:15:59 -0400

>Dearest listservers...I have begun in earnest researching Aboriginal Art
>after attending a workshop at the Chicago NAEA. I have found a few things
>but never a large amount of information at each stop of the way. I did find
>in the Crizmac catalog, a packet of info including video offered around $70
>or so. Have anyone purchased this particular book, video, workbooks, etc.
>packet and is it worth the expense? I have one video already called
>ABORIGINAL ART...PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE but I'm not too keen on that
>Also...I was told verbally by an art teacher who was told to by someone
>ELSE some interesting but gross info and I'd like to maybe clear this info
>up if possible. I was told the Aboriginal people use to use blood and urine
>to thicken their powdered dirt, minerals, etc. when their "paint" was too
>thin. Has anyone heard of this? I teach middle school and all this gross
>stuff is right up their lovely alley...but I don't want to give incorrect
>info as well. Soooooooo...please help if you know the answer to this
>burning question! Maybe "burning" isn't the appropriate word here but you
>get my drift.
>And one last question...I know about the circles and dots for symbols but
>where do the "lines" fit into the scheme of things? What do they stand for?
>Patiently waiting to be enlightened......

Bunki, Bob Greaves, on this list has some info. I have done some studying
too. Friends visited the Alice Springs area last fall and brought some
info back on Papunya dot painting. They brought a calendar with Papunya
art and a booklet that explains the DREAMINGS. I also bought slides cheap
from Universal Color Slide Co. 1 800 326 1367.
I don't have time today but will post to the list some of the info behind
this amazing work.