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Re: About Printing with Linoleum?

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Tue, 12 May 1998 23:16:45 -0400

Good point only the more reason to work with kids throughout the
before doing projects which depend on their finest of fine motor
I wonder if any of the other educators have noticed the same problem
with writing etc. With video games,computers etc.,kids are not
the skills they use to get in 1st,2nd,3rd anymore. Girls have always
tested better in the area of fine motor at an earlier age, of course
boys catch up. Girls also do not have the interest in violence or
video games. It doesn't keep their interest. If boys continue to
play games which limit their hands as well as their minds, how will
their small muscles get exercise? I believe starting the year off
with finger dexterity projects and continuing with exercise will
prepare them for the end of the year when they will achieve this
task of Linoleum cutters.
Think of fine motor lessons:
Yes drawing, but needlepoint,weaving,tieying knots,carving,i.e., as
in using tools to dig out in clay as well as fingers. Plaster etc.
We can't punish them because they lack the use of their hands,all
the more reason to work with it.
On Aids-
I'd say clean all tools(especially those which can cut) and
disinfect daily or after each class which uses them. Make sure you
have a box of disposable gloves handy too. Along with a first aid
If still in fear then omit. Do a printing project which builds up
instead of cuts away.

Robert Alexander Fromme wrote:
> I teach high school and have noticed an increasing number of my students
> with little experience using hand tools. They spend plenty of their early
> years in front of the TV, computer games, etc. but they lack experience with
> knives and related equipment. As a result, I do not enjoy working with
> them on the linoleum prints. Many of the students cut themselves in spite
> of my constant reminders of not cutting toward their hands. We have a
> linocut project in drawing and in Art I. The school nurse makes me use a
> mixture of 10 parts water to 1 part clorox to clean the tools each time they
> are used (Proctection against the transfer of AIDS and hepatitus from one
> student to another when they are cut.) The Clorox mixture makes the knives
> rust, so I have to oil them each time they are cleaned.
> I suggest string prints, glue prints or cardboard prints for the younger kids.
> Bob