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Re: printmaking

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Numo Jaeger and Michael Miller (jaegmil)
Mon, 11 May 1998 07:45:14 -0400

At 06:55 PM 5/10/98 -0700, you wrote:
Hello Sherry,

I have used e-z cut material with elementary school students and it was
great stuff. The soft material is MUCH better than linoleum. It has the
added advantage of two sides to work on too. When the children used
linoleum I had some difficulty with them cutting themselves.

The rubber brayers work fine for applying the ink. Plexiglass sheets or
formica sheets work for an inking plate. If you go to the store that sells
plexiglass they often have small throw away pieces that they will give to
teachers but you need to ask...

The plexiglass is great for doing monoprinting. That's a good extension for
those students who finish their lino cut printing projects early.

I would suggest getting the wooden handle holders on the cutters because
the plastic handle with the lid that comes off is the first thing to
"disappear" are the metal parts at the bottom. Kids love to take
stuff apart.

I would also suggest that you use the cutter tips that are designed to be
pulled towards you...they work better than the other tips for e-z cut

Some manufacturers of the material make different grades too. Some
e-z cut material is thin and rubbery. Some of it is thicker with a chucky

I used to get my material from the Beckley Cardy Catalog. That was good
quality stuff.

There is another material that is fun to use with elementary age students
for printmaking. It is a material called "Polyprint". It's a thin styrofoam
material that comes is sheets 9x12 with a sticky backing. You draw on it
with a ball point pen. You can also cut it up with scissors to make shapes.
Great stuff. Expensive though.

Printmaking with any age is lots of fun!

Numo Jaeger
Studio One Art Center
365 45th Street
Oakland, CA 94609

I want to use e-z cut, do I need the soft
>rubber brayers, foam brayers, or hard rubber brayers??? Which cutting
>tools work best for elementary? the ones were the tips come out or the
>all it one with the wood handles? and I saw some new items like the
>acrylic brayers and the cutters that you PULL instead of push to carve
>with!!! HELP!
>Please insight me!!