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Re: Teaching Art in Africa

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Mon, 11 May 1998 07:47:35 +0300

I am teaching in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I am at a private
elementary school although there are three schools in the system. I
am starting the art program for grades 1-6 though I am also inserving
Kindergarden staff and parents.

I have taught on a cart for the past three years (longer overall..)
but am lucky to now have two art rooms in the same school. One room
is for teachers to use outside of my art room, the other is for my
lessons. I teach in 80 minute blocks, seeing 1/2 of the school for
the first 1/2 of term and then switching, so I see grades 1-3 in a
block for 4-6 weeks and then see grades 4-6 in a block. All students
get art 80 minutes a week (theoretically) regardless of whether they
are with me or the classroom teacher during that time.

I have the best supplies and supply budget I have ever seen - $20,000
for next year. It is difficult to get art supplies here locally,
although there are more and more as the year has progressed. The
supplies I have are shipped in ahead of time from Europe or the U.S.
The order I placed in October was ordered in December and has just
arrived for next year's supplies.

Local schools, on the other hand, have nothing. They may not even
have desks or chairs or a floor. So, I share alot of supplies with
youth groups and art competitions, and orphanages and the like.
I collect things that others throw out and donate them or use them. I
bring in Tanzanian artists into the classroom as much as possible
with mixed results, but still it's a good learning experience for us

Because the position I am in was fought for (and against) for several
years, I am valued and the art I do with kids is valued. I recently
had a parent say to me that her son came home and told her, "Mom.
Guess what. We do REAL art in school." It's nice they know the

My position will become vacant in a year for those of you interested
in applying for it.

Teresa Tipton

Date: Sat, 09 May 1998 05:04:39 -0400
From: Anitra Puntolillo <anitra>
Subject: What is it like teaching art?/Couching

I just realized your address says africa. Where? What's it like where you are? What are
your teaching conditions for art? Are you on a cart? What grades do you teach? What is the
teaching philosophy? For anyone else out there please share your situations.