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Re: printmaking

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Sun, 10 May 1998 09:45:40 -0400

Has anyone responded it looks like you posted twice. I guess people
are busy with end of year. I have a question. I use to use a sheet
of linoleum which was easy to use with xacto knives. The sheet was
very thin and had adhesive to stick to what you mounted it on. I
used wood.
Is this E-Z Cut ? Or is this just a soft easy to cut linoleum.
Anyway,I stay away from chisel type heads until around 3rd grade. I
prefer soft or medium soft brayers. I don't like the hard. I've used
the clear acrylic brayers and they are okay too. I always have used
the nibs which pull out because that's already been the supply in
the school.I can't say about the ones you pull because I haven't
heard of those. At any rate you can call an art store and ask for a
demo or ask to try it out. If that is not possible than ask a friend
who might have the stuff. Definitely experiment so you will be able
to give them tips.
For instance: Do not dig too deep, once you cut something out you
cannot put back(although you can patch it with modeling clay), your
image will be in reverse, etc. Try to find someone who prints to
come into class for a demo also visit a printing place.
For the younger grades, (K-1st) you can print with fun foam.
First-have them cut out shapes,houses, trees,wave shapes,etc. (look
at wood block prints-german and Japanese(Hiroshige) or minimalist
after they cut out all their pieces they can glue it to the board or
tray. It will be in reverse unless they glue the side which is drawn
I would use a square no bigger than 4 x 4" to fill. So instead of
taking away they will be adding. You can use water based ink such as
what you will be using for the Lino. process or you can use fabric
paint and print on material.
Personally I'd spend a bit of money on silk and make silk screens
with used frames or buy them pre-made.Get a bottle of block out
(waterbased,a flood light,a room which is made dark,tape, a few
squeegees and then a bottle of photo emulsion), and have a month
experimentation with the process. You have all summer to play.
The instructions are on the bottle of emulsion.
Don't forget to touch on a few other rules and vocabulary of
Such as- registration marks
and pins
lining up
negative and positive
water based and oil
and of course the paper.
Printing is a lot of fun and can be used on a lot of surfaces.You
might take a class or experiment this summer. If you want some other
lessons e-mail me back. It is something I started to teach in
and would spend a month on. One week for each process. Then there
is the fun projects, like making your own brayers, printing


Cheryl Lane wrote:

> havent taught block printing in class yet because we hadnt had the
> equipment. The closest Ive gotten is drawing on styrofoam trays and
> painting tempera paint on them and printing that! These are some of the
> stuff Ive been looking at.... I want to use e-z cut, do I need the soft
> rubber brayers, foam brayers, or hard rubber brayers??? Which cutting
> tools work best for elementary? the ones were the tips come out or the
> all it one with the wood handles? and I saw some new items like the
> acrylic brayers and the cutters that you PULL instead of push to carve
> with!!! HELP!
> Please insight me!!
> sherry