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Re: Mother's Day

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Tue, 5 May 1998 12:35:00 +0300

I like this project but I'm not sure what you mean about putting the
chalk on a paper towel. Is it wet?

I don't have paper towels here to use - I saw a roll recently in
someone's house but in general they aren't in stock, so I'm
wondering exactly what is the process...can you clarify?

Teresa Tipton

Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 13:52:34
To: BluesTruth <BluesTruth>
From: Jerry & Anne Carman-Hendel <hendel>
Subject: Re: Mother's Day

Hi Blues,
The nuclear family is not what is once was. Sigh. What so many of my
students go through...I've had three parents die this year...
I sometimes do a project that can stand on its own---holiday or
not--and mention that it COULD be a Mother's Day present, of grandmother,
or aunt, or someone special. I try to put it out there without emphasizing
it too much.
I've had success in third grade with making cards using an original
stencil made by the students out of tagboard, usually a very simple image,
then doing overlapping with colored chalk. We don't use the chalk straight,
but put it ON a paper towel and use it that way. It makes some beautiful,
transparent designs. We do more than one so they can be mounted on
contruction paper or put on the front of a card. I use cheap hair spray to
seal the artwork. Use it when the kids aren't around, of course. Hope I
explained it all right. It's like leaving notes for a sub. It's easier to
Longer range plan is to do pottery with the kids. We've made wall
pockets in the 4th grade for mothers and fathers and hand dishes in the 3rd
grade. Ceramic picture frames are a possibility, too.

Anne C-H

At 01:37 PM 4/26/98 EDT, you wrote:
>Hi, Art people--
>Goin' back to work after spring break--anyone involved in the celebration of
>Cinco de Mayo? Need a small project-taking only 1/2 hour-(that's how long I
>have with them)-
>(1-4th grade). What are you doing in your school to celebrate the holiday?
>Also, what do you guys do for "Mother's Day? " I need a cheap project, short
>term, etc.
>P.S. A lot of my kids do not have moms. How do YOU handle this????
>(There's SO much we didn't learn in college, right?!)