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Re: trash question

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Wed, 29 Apr 1998 06:27:23 +0300

Please think of sending all of your used books to Peace Corps offices
in Africa. There is a great need for textbooks in English of all
types. There are many aid organizations that use books and distribute
books to schools. Schools here in Tanzania have absolutely nothing if
they are local schools and would appreciate any donation.

Books can be sent via the post office in a "MAIL BAG". You need to
inquire at the post office as they don't advertise this option, but
it is the cheapest way to send printed material. You can also send it
via American Embassies which ensures that it most likely arrives
before it is sent on within the country.

You can also send materials to me through our community service
International School of Tanganyika, Ltd.
Atttn: Teresa Tipton Elementary Art Program
P.O. Box 2651
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 18:31:59 -0500
From: Sandra Rees <sandra>
Organization: International School of Tanganyika Elementary
Subject: trash question


At the School Board meeting last night, there was brief discussion about
all schools (4) getting rid of used books etc. at the same time.

Just now I'm thinking, aren't there schools in the U.S. or overseas that
could use these materials? Presently, I have no clue to details of
books etc., but last year I was in the High School during post planning
days, and rescued a few books from trash cans. And I mean trash cans
full of text book series, odd books of plays, language etc. If I had a
barn, I would have them, now... oh yea, and our School Board is
autioning off a barn too. What a crime, on the new High School
property, super mountain views. Art is in all phases of teaching and
wouldn't this be a "great project" and fantastic space if we were
forward thinking instead of "trash it" thinking?

There is so much work to do.

This is not an "art issue", but perhaps someone out there can lead me to
web site and/or address that I can share with my school system, to give
these items away to someone who needs them.

Moral money question? Why is it that my college texts cost me $45 - $75
each, and we are still handing out expensive text books to children who
cram them into lockers, bindings breaking on the floor? In addition,
children carry too heavy loads in their back packs - and recently
someone told me there is research that documents we are injuring their

Just curious, if any of you as parents, teachers, recycle experts are
allready doing something about this.

Though not an "active art issue", in my philosophy this is an "art in
life" issue.

ideas, comments welcomed.

thank you,
Sandra Rees