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Tue, 28 Apr 1998 08:34:54 +0300

Dear Artsednet,

As many of you know, I am teaching in Africa. Our resources,
especially electricity are extremely limited. Our electricity is
rationed daily and often fluctuates even while on, making messages
received and sent erratic. It is not easy or available to even turn
on the computer, so please help me out here:

I recently have been off-line from the daily email routine and came back
to 1700 messages from you folks. Trying to make my way through them
all, I have been dismayed and discouraged by the kind of posts that
I am trying to read. As a result, I would like to propose the following guidelines:
The language, the tone, and the information has deterioriated since I
first subscribed and I want to propose some guidelines to consider:

1. Post your personal messages in response to someone else private.

All those messages that start with Alix, or Bunki or Mark, as a
personal note, should be sent privately. I don't have the luxury of
the electricity to read these, let alone use the electricity to
delete them. Please sent only posts to the entire listserve that
affect us directly. You can send two: one privately with all your
personal information, and one to the listserve which edits it out.

2. Save the chat for chatlines.

I joined this listserve over two years ago because it gave me useful
ideas, was a forum to discuss information, debate philosophy, and
argue over hard questions. It has deteriorated by socializing
publically to the entire listserve. Please do this with your private
correspondents and not the rest of us.

3. Teachers, please give assignments that require research on
the Internet and not necessarily specific to Artsednet.

Artsednet is one of many resources to be used for research. It is a
forum to ask questions and get information. What may have started out
as a good idea needs some guidelines with overextended use.
The listserve I believe was designed for Arts Educators.
Students should be welcome to
join in discussion and ask questions
but the kind of messages and information students are sending on this
listserve have gotten out of hand.

I find that it's difficult to even get to the meat of an informative post because
of all of the editorializing along the way. Can't we edit it down to
the essentials?

>From one chatter to the rest of you.....

Teresa Tipton