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Re: Need self directed projects for fast workers

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Cheryl Lane (lane_c)
Mon, 04 May 1998 21:50:02 -0700

SPranno wrote:
> I have each class 1X a week (30-34 in class). I have some fast producers in gr
> 5-8. Please send me your ideas on what you do with them when they ask what's
> next, when the rest of class needs an additional 3 weeds on the current
> project? I need something SELF DIRECTED.
> I have tried the following, but wasn't satisfied with these solutions:
> 1. Make a 2nd project with the same media as current project
> 2. Give each kid 1 on 1 instruction, as they finish
> 3. Introduce the next project to the class at the start of class when 1 or 2
> are ready to move on
> 4. Introduce the next project repeatedly each week, while many are still on
> the last project
> 5. Wait until 3/4 of the class has turned in the current project, and then
> introduce the new project. (1/4 abandon current project, even with posted
> class charts with projects listed and checked off)
> 6. Free choice Drawing with resource pictures

I also have this dilema!! Depending on the project I let them help
others (usually with clay), or they can draw an extra credit project
with choice of markers, colored pencils, or crayons. If we are
painting, then they can do an extra credit painting, they usually love
this one! and I feel that it gives them more of a chance to experience
the medium!!! If it is a child who is always finished early than I also
give them a choice (since they have already finished 3 extra credits!!)
if they want to help me do something; ie. cleaning glue caps, washing
out watercolor trays, taking artwork to classrooms, anything that is
easy that I eventually have to do, even if its cleaning up our scrap
wall! (its a bunch of cubbies with scrap paper sorted by color.) I
eventually am working towards setting up a homemade paper station so
that if a child finishes early they can go over and make paper!! The
always early finishers will then have a NICE book by the end of the
hope this helps!