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Re: Need self directed projects for fast workers

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Laurann65 (Laurann65)
Sun, 3 May 1998 20:25:10 EDT

Kids who finish early are often a challenge. I do a number of things to deal
with the problem.
1) I only introduce parts of the project each time we meet, so kids can only
go so far each art period.
2) Sometimes I have students who finish early offer to help students who are
working slowly - the artist has the choice to refuse help.
3) I have mini art puzzles - 54 pieces of a famous work of art (they only
cost $1.50 each). Kids may work on these if they finish early - alone or in
4) I have drawing books that show step by step instructions of how to draw
that the kids enjoy using.
5) I have odd sized left-over paper in a box kids may use to recreate what we
just did, or to draw on their own.
I teach on a cart so I have all the items from #3-5 in a box that I carry with
me from class to class. Hope this helps.
:) Laura Allan

In a message dated 5/2/98 10:30:57 PM Central Daylight Time, SPranno

<< I have each class 1X a week (30-34 in class). I have some fast producers in
5-8. Please send me your ideas on what you do with them when they ask what's
next, when the rest of class needs an additional 3 weeds on the current
project? I need something SELF DIRECTED.
I have tried the following, but wasn't satisfied with these solutions:
1. Make a 2nd project with the same media as current project
2. Give each kid 1 on 1 instruction, as they finish
3. Introduce the next project to the class at the start of class when 1 or 2
are ready to move on
4. Introduce the next project repeatedly each week, while many are still on
the last project
5. Wait until 3/4 of the class has turned in the current project, and then
introduce the new project. (1/4 abandon current project, even with posted
class charts with projects listed and checked off)
6. Free choice Drawing with resource pictures >>