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Re: Baggy pants - Long post

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Fri, 30 May 1997 09:01:15 -0400 (EDT)


The kids refer to the baggy pants as "slouching" or "slacking." In adult
language it is oversized pants worn with the waist band about mid-hip with
the crotch hanging right above the knees and the pants puddled around the
ankles. If the shirt is not long and worn on the outside, the underwear
(hopefully) shows.

How the kids keep these things up I will never know. I know I've never seen
anyone walking in these above a slow stroll. Come to think of it, I guess it
is no wonder that the kids I remember as wearing this "style" were some of my
lazy ones, and most with a real attitude. Several were extremely talented but
I felt I practically had to beat them with a 2x4 to get them to work (not
literally, of course, I do still have a job!). Wearing their pants at this
level is sometimes a form of masturbation.

I, too, hate to see censorship overused, but I totally agree with this call.
I saw way too many butt cracks and underwear before our wise administration
made the dress code call. Every teacher at the high school rejoiced verbally
at the announcement at the pre-school year faculty meeting.

I teach in a small southern town with a "city system" including only 1
elementary, 1 middle and 1 high school. Our middle school has LOTS of gang
problems, although the lone principal makes a great effort against it. At the
high school, the principal and assistant principal are a wonderful
disciplinary team and it took them almost a whole year of sending kids home
and even suspensions for repeated offenses to do away with the slacking.
Because of this and other measures, we now have NO signs of gang activity at
the high school. I know many of our students are members, but they keep it
out of the classroom.

This year there were the gang related deaths of my former students and
reports of daily incidents of gang activities at other high schools in our
county and surrounding areas. I asked some of my students (a couple of them
even reformed gang members themselves) if they saw any gang activity at our
school between classes, lunch or other times that I was possibly blissfully
unaware of. They, too, see none of it.

I suggest that you support your administration in this and any decision to
help reduce disruptive behavior. Another big influence on our school's
attitude is ANY student who demonstrates violence to another person,
physically or verbally, is automatically suspended for 3 days. Star football
players have missed games, etc., and football is god around here. The kid
cannot get back into school until a parent comes back with them and meets
with the administration. When it starts to cut in on the parents lives, they
take their kids behavior a lot more seriously.

I would have never thought the change of a few diligently enforced policies
could so positively affect the mood of the school as a whole, but I live with
the evidence. Thanks to a supportive community and a fantastic
administration, our high school is a wonderful place for students and
teachers alike. The faculty is thankful that student apathy, gum chewing and
tardies are our biggest worries.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox. Best of luck in your new job!
Mary Jane

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