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Re: The craft/art/"folk" thing again.

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henry (taylorh)
Thu, 29 May 1997 07:34:26 -0700 (MST)

On Wed, 28 May 1997, betti longinotti wrote:

> Still there is more to this 'old saw' with distinction between 'Art' and
> 'Craft' than skill or technique.

> What about a craft artist's love for the handmade object?

Yes, and look at some of the early Minimalists, you see the same
fascination and love and desire to participate in the handmade.. and then
too, prior to the 19th century industrial revolution there was no
opportunity to distinguish "handmade" objects for what was there to
distinguish them against? Mechanical/non-mechanical has been around a
long time but handmade awaited machine made to be clearly distinguished.
I will note tho that Adam Smith pointed out the assembly-line
organization of labor using the handmaking process of straight pin
"manufacture.." so perhaps I need to move my date back.... still even
today objects are handmade on assembly lines and marketed and purchased
as handmade so maybe not... interesting point of departure.

> Or what about an artist's love or empathy for a
> particular medium, which more divides the lines between art and craft?

But what about crafts people who stick to one wood or to stoneware rather
than porcelain (sp?)...Beyond the craft fair, is jewelery a craft? Cartier
stuck almost exclusively to Platinum. Still, these may be seen as
exceptions to the rule too, an equally valid perspective.

> We can promote that they are all
> equal, but the real world treats
> each still very differently.

Yes, and which world is the "real" one? It could be the academic world,
the professional world, the street world or no doubt any of a number of
others. Does the person who, at a fair, buys an oil painting of a vase
of flowers and a ceramic trivet with the image of a rooster, and hangs
both on the wall as decoration live in a world where they are treated

And we may choose to have the choice of many worlds or only one. Kind of
fun, actually. Viva le differance!